Simple Curried Chicken and Jacket Potatoes


This only requires 3 items

4 Baking potatoes (I used the ready baked microwave version by McCain because it was just easier and  its what I had in the freezer), 300-400g of chicken breast fillets baked (takes about 30-40 mins in a roasting dish I use one with a lid as well so the juices help self baste the chicken giving you soft juicy chicken. and one jar of curry sauce (I used a tikka sauce but you can use a madras or a sauce of your choosing)

This was simply done by cooking the potatoes and chicken so that the chicken came out 10 mins before the potatoes so that you can cut down the chicken into nice sized chunks, then in a pan on a medium heat you heat the curry sauce up and put the chicken into the sauce stirring well so that all the chicken is nicely covered in the thin sauce.

Then when the sauce is nice and hot and the potatoes are cooked to your liking put 2 potatoes in a bowl and cut open the potatoes and put the sauce and chicken over it and enjoy.

This is one of my favourite feel good foods that never seems to get old or boring




A Cheats Christmas Dinner

xmas dinner 7

This is a simple xmas dinner which takes 30 mins after the chicken has been in the slow cooker for 5 hours or 2 hours in a roasting bag (which negates the need to baste the chicken)

xmas dinner 1

The ingredients I used were,

  • 1 1.2kg chicken slow cooked (can be roasted in a roasting bag)
  • 1 pack of rindless back bacon (can be smoked bacon)
  • 150g of stuffing mix
  • 1/2 a bag of frozen roast potatoes (for ease)
  • 1/2 a bag of frozen Yorkshire puddings

xmas dinner 2

To start with I put the chicken into a slow cooker with a thin chicken gravy to boost the chicken flavour for around 5 hours on the highest setting.

xmas dinner 3

Half an hour short of the finishing time for the chicken put the roast potatoes into the oven for the amount of time that the pack states.

xmas dinner 4

Then on a medium grill make the bacon and stuffing wraps which is around a desert spoon of make up stuffing wrapped in a rasher of back bacon (I prefer smoked bacon) these cook in around 15-20 mins on a medium heat grill turning over after 10 mins.

xmas dinner 5

Then 5 mins before the roast potatoes have finished you put in the Yorkshire puddings (3 medium puddings for each person), these get put on the bottom shelf of the oven where the potatoes are on the middle shelf.

xmas dinner 7

then to finish take the breasts of the chicken and give one to each person and the rest of the chicken can be used in a leftovers meal like the chicken pasties, pies or chicken toasties (next post)

Best way to finish off the meal is to add an amount of gravy (as much as is wanted)

Slow Cooked Chicken Pie


This starts off really simple set of ingredients

1 1.2kg chicken, 1 bag of frozen mixed mushrooms, 1 pack of pre rolled puff pastry and one tin of new potatos, 1 tub of chicken gravy.


To start with you put about 1.5 liters of thin graving into a slow cooker after you put the chicken in filling the cooker upto about 1-2 inches shy of the top of the cooker and put the lid on and turn on high for around 5 hours (this is the long part of the pies because the slow cooker takes a while but gives very succulent juicy chicken)

P1030491 P1030492

Once cooked for 5 hours I poured the contents of the cooker into a cullinder so the juices can drain away and the steam can come off the chicken, then carefully strip the chicken of all the chicken into 2 bowls one with the breasts (which are for the pies) and one with the rest of the chicken which are for chicken pastys (which will be another post)

P1030497 P1030496

The next step is to preheat the oven to 180celcius (355 farenheight) then cut up the breasts into 1.5cm cubes and add a half a small tin of new potatos and a small handful of mushrooms (I used frozen mushrooms as when this is in the oven they defrost and cook to perfection but fresh can be used to the same effect). If you put the chicken and potatoes and mushrooms into a bowl before the pie dish it makes it easier to mix around then you pour some thick ish gravy into the pie dish covering the ingredients.


after the insides of the pie are done put some pastry over the top of the dish press down around the edges to make a seal and cut the excess pastry off and then brush the top with some milk or whisked egg and then put 2 slits into the top to release the steam when in the oven during the cooking. Then cook for around 15-20 mins or until golden on the top then serve with home fry chips.