Mini Pizzas (no base mix)

pizza bread 7


This is great snack food or dinner if you don’t like doing bread/pizza base mixes for doing your own pizzas they are also really quick and fun to make and extremely versatile in what you can put on them.

bread pizza 1

The ingredients were a pack of crusty white bread rolls (pack of 6 makes 12 mini pizzas) 1 bag of mozzarella (about half used), 1 pack of deli chicken (can be pepperoni or bacon or ham or any other loved pizza topping) and a tube of tomato puree (again not all of it is used)

I started off by cutting all the rolls in half and spreading the puree over the bread upto the edges but not making it too thick (this is a personal preference and you can put as much as you feel like on the bread). You will need to preheat the oven to 180 Celsius (350 Fahrenheit)

bread pizza 2


Next I put the mozzarella on putting enough on that when it melts you get a good covering but not so much that it will run off the bread in the oven taking the toppings with it.


bread pizza 3


Next i put the chicken (or topping) onto the pizza in small pieces so when you eat it it dosent take all the toppings with it in the first bite, I also added a small amount of extra mozzarella on top of the topping which helps keep the toppings in place when cooking. And I added a fresh chilli (large one) onto half of the pizzas (as I wanted chilli but my fiancee didn’t) I cut it up using a pair of kitchen scissors as its easier and quicker than cutting it up with a knife.


pizza bread 5 pizza bread 6


After around 10-15 mins in the oven when the cheese has melted and started going brown they are perfect to take out and enjoy.


pizza bread 7