Slow Cooked Chicken Pie


This starts off really simple set of ingredients

1 1.2kg chicken, 1 bag of frozen mixed mushrooms, 1 pack of pre rolled puff pastry and one tin of new potatos, 1 tub of chicken gravy.


To start with you put about 1.5 liters of thin graving into a slow cooker after you put the chicken in filling the cooker upto about 1-2 inches shy of the top of the cooker and put the lid on and turn on high for around 5 hours (this is the long part of the pies because the slow cooker takes a while but gives very succulent juicy chicken)

P1030491 P1030492

Once cooked for 5 hours I poured the contents of the cooker into a cullinder so the juices can drain away and the steam can come off the chicken, then carefully strip the chicken of all the chicken into 2 bowls one with the breasts (which are for the pies) and one with the rest of the chicken which are for chicken pastys (which will be another post)

P1030497 P1030496

The next step is to preheat the oven to 180celcius (355 farenheight) then cut up the breasts into 1.5cm cubes and add a half a small tin of new potatos and a small handful of mushrooms (I used frozen mushrooms as when this is in the oven they defrost and cook to perfection but fresh can be used to the same effect). If you put the chicken and potatoes and mushrooms into a bowl before the pie dish it makes it easier to mix around then you pour some thick ish gravy into the pie dish covering the ingredients.


after the insides of the pie are done put some pastry over the top of the dish press down around the edges to make a seal and cut the excess pastry off and then brush the top with some milk or whisked egg and then put 2 slits into the top to release the steam when in the oven during the cooking. Then cook for around 15-20 mins or until golden on the top then serve with home fry chips.