Mini bacon Cheese Burgers (meatballs)



This started out by combining my 4 favourite foods Smoked bacon, meatballs, mozzarella and fresh bread.


To start I followed the instructions on the Hovis bread mix until the bread has risen.


Then after separating the bread into 12 pieces to make 12 mini bread rolls flatten the 12 meatballs and put them into the oven with the breadrolls for about 20 mins until cooked. Then just before the meatballs come out lightly cook the bacon



Then once the bread has cooked put a piece of bacon (bacon rounds here) then 2 meatballs (as they shrink in the oven) and some cheese on each roll. If you want to make 12 burgers you will need 24 meatballs, but I found it nice to have 6 fresh rolls filled with melted mozzarella. Once the burgers have been prepared I put them back in the oven for 5 mins until the cheese has melted, then enjoy.



Then after


Chicken Camembert Pasta


This is a creation I have been making for a long time for special occasions as it can be expensive to make but most certainty well worth the little extra it costs to make. It may not look very good but the taste is divine and addictive to eat. I cooked it this time for my fiancées birthday as she wanted it, so more than happily I cooked it.


The ingredients are

  • 1 pack of bacon (smoked or unsmoked)
  • 1 whole chicken (1.2-.15kg will feed 2-4 people)
  • 1 jar of pesto (I used a red pesto that had chilli in)
  • 2 tins of whole button mushrooms (can use fresh if so use 1 pack of fresh mushrooms usually 150g)
  • 1 whole pack of camembert cheese
  • 200g of pasta (I find that smaller pasta shapes (like shells or spirals) works best but not mini pasta shapes)
  • and gravy to cook the chicken in the slow cooker (if you want to roast the chicken the gravy is unneeded and a roasting bag is recommended as the chicken needs to be very soft and juicy)


I started off by slow cooking the chicken in the slow cooker for 5 hours to make sure the chicken was as soft and juicy and perfectly cooked as possible.

P1040294 P1040293 P1040296

Next came 3 stages I got a pan of water boiling for the pasta and got the pasta boiling, also I cut up the bacon and removed the outer edge of the white on the camembert but leaving the top and bottom white then cutting it up into smallish equal sized pieces. Then putting the cheese and bacon back in the fridge for a few mins while I sorted the mushrooms out. And also I cut up the mushrooms leaving some of the smaller ones whole so they would also be a rough uniform size.


Next came taking all the chicken off the whole cooked chicken this can be tricky to avoid getting any bones in or burning your hands on the chicken as it will still be very hot but with a fork and knife it can be done after the chicken is off it needs to be roughly the same size pieces, usually I try for around and inch cube.


I used a wok but a large pan can also be used I cooked the mushrooms then added the bacon making sure it is well mixed through to avoid the bacon bits sticking together, also before adding the bacon any water needs to be drained from the pan as the mushrooms will leave some water in the pan during the cooking process.


Next you add the cooked pasta to the pan and mix through.



And the pesto comes next and again make sure it is well mixed through so all the pasta is covered.

P1040318 P1040322

Then the same with the chicken, at this point the heat under the pan needs to be turned down from hot to medium so nothing burns. this step will take longer as the chicken will be harder to mix through and get covered.


The camembert comes in last and is a lot harder to mix in as it needs to melt in the pan sticking everything together this will take a couple of mins and will add the creamy taste to the dish that makes it addictive.

P1040331 P1040334

once all mixed together you get to enjoy, if you need this to feed 3-4 people either add some fresh bead or some garlic bread because to extend the pasta for more people requires a second jar of pesto, a bigger chicken and more bacon so its easier to do some bread and the bread compliments the meal nicely.


A Cheats Christmas Dinner

xmas dinner 7

This is a simple xmas dinner which takes 30 mins after the chicken has been in the slow cooker for 5 hours or 2 hours in a roasting bag (which negates the need to baste the chicken)

xmas dinner 1

The ingredients I used were,

  • 1 1.2kg chicken slow cooked (can be roasted in a roasting bag)
  • 1 pack of rindless back bacon (can be smoked bacon)
  • 150g of stuffing mix
  • 1/2 a bag of frozen roast potatoes (for ease)
  • 1/2 a bag of frozen Yorkshire puddings

xmas dinner 2

To start with I put the chicken into a slow cooker with a thin chicken gravy to boost the chicken flavour for around 5 hours on the highest setting.

xmas dinner 3

Half an hour short of the finishing time for the chicken put the roast potatoes into the oven for the amount of time that the pack states.

xmas dinner 4

Then on a medium grill make the bacon and stuffing wraps which is around a desert spoon of make up stuffing wrapped in a rasher of back bacon (I prefer smoked bacon) these cook in around 15-20 mins on a medium heat grill turning over after 10 mins.

xmas dinner 5

Then 5 mins before the roast potatoes have finished you put in the Yorkshire puddings (3 medium puddings for each person), these get put on the bottom shelf of the oven where the potatoes are on the middle shelf.

xmas dinner 7

then to finish take the breasts of the chicken and give one to each person and the rest of the chicken can be used in a leftovers meal like the chicken pasties, pies or chicken toasties (next post)

Best way to finish off the meal is to add an amount of gravy (as much as is wanted)

Sausage Rolls with Bacon

This was really simple and easy with very few ingredients and turned out very tasty.

The ingredients were 1 pack pre rolled puff pastry, 1 pack of smoked bacon (smoked is optional), 1 pack of sausage meat (700g only half was used), And a small amount of milk to coat the pastry. Pre-Heat the oven to 180 celcius (350 fareheight)



unroll the pastry and separate into 3 equal rectangles and roll out some sausage meat so its about 3/4 inch thick and then cut up the bacon into 1/2 inch wide strips and add 2-3 rashers worth to each sausage roll laying it onto the sausage meat that you placed onto the pastry just off center to so you can fold it over and seal the roll.

P1030403 P1030405


After this you brush a small amount of milk along one edge of the pastry so its damp but not wet then fold over the pastry and crimp the edge with a fork to make sure the seal dosent unstick in the oven.


I’ve put these on some roasting wrap so they don’t stick to the tray, If you slit the pastry a few times down to the meat when its cooking the juices can steam out and not make the pastry soggy when they come out of the oven, before you put them in the oven for the 10-15 min cooking time brush the top with some more milk or beaten egg as this will help make them golden (cook for 10-15 mins or until the top is golden in colour) then enjoy warm or leave them to cool and have them later on.

P1030407 P1030408



Bacon Bread

This was done with very little ingredients and it is easy and fast to make. I ate it warm shortly after it came out of the oven with some fried eggs in it but the rolls (or loaf) could be  left to cool for eating later or rewarming then eating.

To start with I had a white bread mix, 1 pack of bacon and some warm water (also a large bowl a spatula and an amount of plain flour for the work surface and to counter the grease from the bacon when its added)

bacon bread 1

The first thing I did was remove the fat from the bacon so in the bread it isn’t chewy and gristly in an unpleasant way.

bacon bread 2

Next I cut up the bacon into 1-2cm squares (roughly 1/2 to 1 inch) and lightly fry it up so its soft and not crispy

bacon bread 3


Then once the bacon is cooked follow the step by step on the bread mix until you get a dough and add the bacon a quarter at a time adding a small amount of flour each time while kneading in the bacon to mix it all through the dough as evenly as possible

bacon bread 4

bacon bread 5

Once at this stage turn the oven on to about 180 celcius (or 350 farenhieght) then on the top of the oven on some foil or roasting wrap split the dough into 6 equal balls and cover with some more foil for about half and hour until the dough has risen to about double the size

bacon bread 6

after rising

bacon bread 7

Then bake for about 15mins or until golden brown and sound hollow when tapped

bacon bread 8


Then separate and fill with fried eggs, bacon or other sandwich fillings

Other types of bread you can make could include cheese (use grated), chilli peppers, herbs (like parsley or basil) or Chilli flakes.