Bacon Bread

This was done with very little ingredients and it is easy and fast to make. I ate it warm shortly after it came out of the oven with some fried eggs in it but the rolls (or loaf) could be  left to cool for eating later or rewarming then eating.

To start with I had a white bread mix, 1 pack of bacon and some warm water (also a large bowl a spatula and an amount of plain flour for the work surface and to counter the grease from the bacon when its added)

bacon bread 1

The first thing I did was remove the fat from the bacon so in the bread it isn’t chewy and gristly in an unpleasant way.

bacon bread 2

Next I cut up the bacon into 1-2cm squares (roughly 1/2 to 1 inch) and lightly fry it up so its soft and not crispy

bacon bread 3


Then once the bacon is cooked follow the step by step on the bread mix until you get a dough and add the bacon a quarter at a time adding a small amount of flour each time while kneading in the bacon to mix it all through the dough as evenly as possible

bacon bread 4

bacon bread 5

Once at this stage turn the oven on to about 180 celcius (or 350 farenhieght) then on the top of the oven on some foil or roasting wrap split the dough into 6 equal balls and cover with some more foil for about half and hour until the dough has risen to about double the size

bacon bread 6

after rising

bacon bread 7

Then bake for about 15mins or until golden brown and sound hollow when tapped

bacon bread 8


Then separate and fill with fried eggs, bacon or other sandwich fillings

Other types of bread you can make could include cheese (use grated), chilli peppers, herbs (like parsley or basil) or Chilli flakes.








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